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International loads offers
and verified contractors at your fingertips

Find international load offers you need and work with trusted companies across Europe.

How to get started? Create a free account, get access to the freight exchange and choose loads on your terms.

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We help to build and run stable transport companies based on a reliable source of loads and verified contractors.

We have been trusted by:

  • 23 000 Carriers
    (trucks and vans)
  • 12 000 Forwarders
  • 4 000 Shippers
  • 125 000 Users
  • 9.5 million offers monthly
  • Loads for each type of truck body
  • Verified
  • Precise
    search filters
  • Easy
    mobile access

We provide:

Loads you are looking for - across Europe, tailored to your fleet and routes

Looking for international, cabotage or cross-trade offers tailored to your needs?
Find loads for any type of truck body, accross Europe, directly from 4,000 shippers and 12,000 forwarders. Loading, reloading or returning in full become easier and faster than ever.

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Security of cooperation - you work only with reliable companies

Want to develop your business through cooperation with verified contractors from all over Europe? At we ensure the verification of shippers and forwarders, provide you with a user-friendly ratings and comments module, and check the reliability of payers. All this to help your company grow and make more profit with peace of mind.

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Loads at your fingertips- never miss the best offers with the app

Want to have all the best deals and messenger at your fingertips? Our Loads2GO! mobile app gives you full access to the Platform anytime and anywhere. Negotiate rates effortlessly. Make secure transactions with just a few clicks. Plus, with reliable filters and notifications on your phone – available loads find you themselves.

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Join thousands of companies using the Platform

How to get started? It’s simple:

  • Create an account using the registration form on the website or in the Loads2GO! app
  • Authorize your company and test our Platform (once your account is authorized, you will get 24h free access to our exchange)
  • Order a subscription from your account
  • Enjoy the benefits of the freight exchange community

P.S. You can also order the subscription by phone at 44 (0) 203 80 85 086

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