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Loads2GO! app

Loads from always at hand


What do you gain with Loads2GO! app?

Quick access to freight offers


From any place and at any time, Loads2GO! will provide you with constant access to the latest load offers from the freight exchange. You can view all offer details and contractor data without the computer.

Easy negotiations


The application includes a full messenger, where you can quickly negotiate and conclude transactions. It allows you to quickly translate messages, as well as redirect them to phone calls and e-mails. All in just a few clicks.

Loads along your route


The app automatically adjusts offers to your current location, allowing you to make optimal use of your load space. Use the “My location” and “Search along the route” filters, which allow you to search for loads in your current location.

Notifications about new offers


With notifications about new offers, you won’t miss any opportunity and your vehicle will be 100% full. This saves time, gives you a chance to earn more money, and it also offers you greater comfort of work, because the loads find you themselves!

Safe cooperation


In Loads2GO! you will gain insight into the ratings of cooperation and payments of a selected company, documents and certificates, as well as the TransRisk indicator. This way you can easily verify the contractor and quickly decide to establish cooperation.

Loads2GO! is a tool that allows for full mobility and flexibility in running a transport company.

No matter where you are, you have constant access to load offers, information about contractors and a messenger.

Access to offers in the Loads2GO! application is free for all clients of the Platform. Thanks to the mobile application, your vehicle will always be filled, and you will focus on what is most important – managing your business effectively.


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