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Best Route Assistant

Get loads and determine the most favorable routes in one place. The Best Route Assistant will provide you with information about fuel costs, restrictions and tolls. Thanks to precise maps and accurate calculations, you can obtain orders from the freight exchange quickly and profitably.

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Information about costs and tolls

Don’t guess – calculate the cost of each freight! With information about the estimated fuel consumption and tolls you can expect on the selected route, you can easily determine how much it will cost to complete a given order. Are you wondering what the environmental fee for your vehicle will be in Germany, Austria or Hungary? You will find the information in the Best Route Assistant! Now you can negotiate offers quickly and profitably on the Platform.

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Taking into account transport restrictions

Don’t be surprised by traffic restrictions! The Best Route Assistant uses a database of transport restrictions including emission standards, as well as permanent and periodic bans. With vehicle profiles (predefined or custom), you can adjust your route to the parameters of your vehicle even better. Avoid unpleasant surprises and find the most profitable route.

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Setting the route

Do you drive on permanent or new routes? That is no longer a problem! The Best Route Assistant allows you to choose the most profitable route and determine alternative solutions based on costs, distance or transport restrictions. With the new maps on the Platform, you can set your route even more precisely.

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Follow the route of profits with the Best Route Assistant! Check what you can gain

  • Comfort You have everything in one place - both freight offers from the Platform and the route planning tool. You don't need to use any external programs anymore.
  • Speed In a few seconds, you gain access to information that will allow you to estimate the cost of freight and set the route. You can start negotiations immediately and gain the order!
  • Cost control New maps and accurate calculations. With precise maps combined containing information about fees and prohibitions, you have all the details you need to quote your freight – including emission classes and load weight. Conquering new routes and optimizing fixed ones is at your fingertips.
  • Effective negotiations You have all the necessary arguments to negotiate rates at your fingertips. Don't let your contractor surprise you - take the order quickly and profitably.

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The Best Route Assistant is a tool that allows you to calculate the most favorable route for your freight. Combined with access to the freight exchange, gives you the opportunity to quickly negotiate and gain orders.

  • Route planning for public and private freight exchange
  • Information on estimated cost of fuel consumption and road tolls
  • Taking into account permanent and temporary transport bans
  • Calculation of the environmental fee in Germany, Austria and Hungary
  • Determining recommended and alternative routes
  • Calculation of the predicted CO2e emissions
  • Predefined and individual vehicle profiles
  • Ability to avoid toll roads and exclude locations
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