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Best Route Assistant – what is it and how it works

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The current situation on the transport market requires very responsible management of the company's finances. Key to this process is conscious cost planning and optimal route planning that takes into account tolls and the amount and price of fuel consumed. To facilitate operations in this area, we have created the Best Route Assistant for all users of the Platform.

What is the Best Route Assistant

The Best Route Assistant is a tool that transparently informs you about:

👉 estimated fuel costs associated with the planned transport;

👉 current tolls on the selected route;

👉 road traffic restrictions – both related to exhaust emission standards and periodic bans;

👉 restrictions for the vehicle on the selected route – related to weight and size.

What do you gain by using the Best Route Assistant?

  • ✅ Access to all information in one place
  • When planning a route, you don’t need to use additional apps and programs. All you need is access to!
  • ✅ Get started fast
  • You don’t have to manually calculate whether a particular route will be beneficial for you in terms of time and money. You’ll get the information you need to estimate your freight cost and calculate the best possible route in seconds.
  • ✅ Negotiate with ease
  • When determining the price of an order, it is important to know the costs you have to incur. With the Best Route Assistant, you can easily demonstrate them. This will give you rock-solid arguments when negotiating with the contractor.
  • ✅ New maps
  • New maps on help you get even more accurate routing. Whether you’re using fixed routes or looking for new destinations, you can explore alternatives that take into account the difference in fuel consumption, route length and road restrictions.

How the Best Route Assistant works

To use the Best Route Assistant, you need to follow only two steps!

STEP 1: Once you have found the freight offer you are interested in, go to the “Route” tab:

STEP 2: Fill in the key fields specifying the parameters of the transport:

👉 load weight;

👉 CO2 emission class;

👉 vehicle profile.

You can also choose additional options: avoiding toll roads, excluding specific locations, or taking into account PTV environmental restrictions.

You don’t need to do anything else! In just a few seconds, the Best Route Assistant automatically calculates potential fuel costs, sums up tolls and checks traffic restrictions.

Simple enough? That’s right!

See for yourself how the Best Route Assistant works in practice.

How much does the Best Route Assistant cost?

All subscribers were given the opportunity to experience the benefits of the Best Route Assistant free of charge for three months!

After this period, it’s up to you what happens next. You can purchase the tool for 20 EUR/month for two accounts and 5 EUR/month for each additional account. If you decide not to purchase the tool, it will automatically be deactivated from your account.

See for yourself why it’s worth using the Best Route Assistant.

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