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Plan your most profitable route. Best Route Assistant

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The new tool will allow you to quickly plan the best route for your transport order. You will learn about tolls, traffic restrictions and benefit from the latest maps.

Best Route Assistant is the name of the new feature. It allows you to calculate the cost of a job quickly and efficiently. But it’s more than just a cost calculation. The new solution will allow you to determine the best route, avoid sections with transport restrictions, and find alternative routes. This is an excellent tool to help you negotiate with contractors in an even more effective way.  

Fast and precise

Given the difficult situation in the transportation market and the race for each and every order, the speed of decision-making seems to be the most important thing. Best Route Assistant will simply allow the carrier to earn better. And take orders with the highest profit. 

It’s a solution for every carrier. Both for a transport company that operates on fixed routes and for one that seeks business on new routes. In both cases, the new mechanism will precisely calculate the costs of order execution and indicate the best route for it. The new tool will take into account the costs of fuel consumption, verify current road tolls, environmental restrictions, etc. Best of all, it will do it fast. 

All in one place

The innovative solution brings the entire order fulfillment process to one place. From finding a customer on, to selecting an order, calculating costs and profit, negotiating with the customer, to finalizing the contract. All in a safe environment, with the knowledge that the Platform will make sure that you conclude a contract with a reliable contractor. 

See for yourself that the Best Route Assistant is not a marketing trick, but a real support for every carrier. Today, trucking companies are satisfied with low margins, but with the new functionality, you have a chance to improve the condition of your business. 

Why use the new solution? 

  • Many possibilities: you can calculate the costs, but also choose a route without environmental restrictions and additional fees. 
  • New detailed maps: map out a route that takes into account your vehicle’s fuel consumption, route length, and road limits. 
  • Wide range of activities: the tool will offer you alternative, more cost-effective routes, so you can open up to new jobs. 
  • Less empty trips: you can quickly find an order on the Platform and calculate the real costs just as quickly.
  • More precise order calculation: you can better price your own work. 

This technological solution will allow you to quickly calculate the costs incurred on a given route, as well as the expected profit.. Just enter the fixed costs that, as a carrier, you regularly incur: salary costs, lease payments and other financial charges. In short, the Best Route Assistant will help you get organized and keep your business running. 

What are the benefits of using the Best Route Assistant?

  • Access to all information in one place. When planning a route, you don’t need to use additional apps and programs. All you need is access to 
  • Speed of operation. You don’t have to manually calculate whether a particular route will be beneficial for you in terms of time and money. In seconds, you’ll get the information you need to estimate your freight cost and calculate the best possible route. 
  • Negotiate with ease. When determining the price of an order, it is important to know the costs you have to incur. With the Best Route Assistant, you can easily demonstrate them. This will give you rock-solid arguments when negotiating with the contractor.

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