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Take advantage of the spectacular increase in offers on international routes

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The first quarter of 2024 was a time of exceptional growth in the number of offers on the Platform. Compared to the same period a year earlier, there were as many as 52% more offers! This applies to almost all the most popular international routes. Which directions are most worth considering?

Why is it worth investing in international transport?

Despite the great popularity of domestic transport, international routes are the best paid and enable greater competitiveness and company development. The current growth in demand for transport services in Western European countries, which is reflected in a huge increase in the number of offers, is a great opportunity for carriers. For those who are just considering  international transport – to scale their business, better earnings and prospects. And for those who already operate on the EU market – to reduce the number of empty runs and optimally use their transport capacity

Cabotage in Western Europe – it hasn’t been this good for a long time

Last year was a time of economic stagnation. The greatest concern was the condition of the German industry, especially the chemical and automotive sectors. The entire transport sector expected a rebound and the associated increase in the number of freight offers on the German market.

The first three months fulfilled these hopes, and then some. Compared to the first quarter of 2023, 70% more offers for transport within Germany were published on the Platform in January, 56% more in February, and 54% more offers for transport within Germany in March!

Significant increase in the number of cabotage offers is also visible on the remaining, most popular western routes.

A surge of cross-trade offers

Similarly, significant increase in freight offers occurs in cross-trade transport. And this is essentially between all the major economies of the European Union, except for the routes between Italy and France as well as Italy and Austria. Although in the latter case the March trend is already upwards, and compared to last year on the Platform, there were 13% more offers in the last month of the first quarter.

In other cases, the increase is very noticeable, reaching even 126% in January from Belgium to the Netherlands, 99% in February from France to Italy, and 83% in March from the Netherlands to Germany.

The increases are everywhere – it’s up to you if you take advantage of them

The first quarter of 2024 showed that there was a clear rebound favoring transport companies, which encourages investment in cabotage and cross-trade in addition to domestic or bilateral transport. Especially since these can be performed alternately, meeting the requirements of the Mobility Package applicable in the EU. The increase in offers in so many directions is an opportunity for almost every transport company.

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