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How to survive the summer season in the cabin?

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Summer is a time associated with warm days, holiday trips and relaxing by the water. However, for professional drivers who spend long hours in the cabins of their vehicles, summer is a challenging time. High temperatures, scorching sun and stuffy air can turn the cabin of a truck into a real hell on wheels. How to survive the summer season in such conditions?

Maintain adequate ventilation

Drivers unanimously emphasize that the key element is proper ventilation of the cabin. Parking air conditioning, which was a dream a decade ago, is now a basic tool in the fight against the heat. 

We enjoy the benefits of technology. Parking air conditioning allows you to maintain a pleasant temperature in the cabin, even when the engine is switched off. In this way, we can enjoy a comfortable rest without worrying about excessive fuel consumption, points out Przemysław Isalski, member of the board and driver at Isalscy Sp. z o.o. 

I have been working with my husband in transport for five years and this is the first company where we have air conditioning. In our opinion, this should be the standard equipment. Especially over long distances, to regions where temperatures can be extremely high. Fortunately, some countries, such as Spain, require trucks to be equipped with air conditioning, adds Weronika Wojdat Bors, driver at TVM Transport & Logistics.

Unfortunately, not all parking air conditioning systems are efficient. 

The efficiency of air conditioners is low. Most of them work up to about 4 hours, in newer ones the battery lasts about 9 hours, which is decent, explains Vitalii Ilnitskyi (known online as DER MEISTER), driver at Maszoński Logistic.

It is also worth investing in an additional fan to ensure air circulation. It is also important to ventilate the cabin regularly during stops to get rid of accumulated heat.

I also use an ordinary fan charged via USB. I know that some drivers install photovoltaic panels in their cabins, which help generate electricity, thanks to which the air conditioning works longer, adds Dorota Tobór, driver at Schade Polska Sp. z o.o. 

Custom clothing

Fabrics for summer should be light and airy, like cotton, linen, silk or viscose. They have excellent thermoregulatory properties that help keep our body cool and dry even during the hottest days. It is worth choosing light-colored, loose-fitting clothes that do not adhere to the body and avoid clothes made of synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon or acrylic. They tend to block airflow and retain moisture, leading to feelings of shortness of breath and discomfort. Clothing in the summer should, above all, allow the body to breathe, which is difficult with the aforementioned materials.

Hydration and healthy snacks

Drinking plenty of water is an absolute must during hot weather. Professional drivers even equip themselves with additional refrigerators for cold drinks. 

Water is essential. I try to drink regularly, even if I don’t feel thirsty. I also recommend hibiscus tea, which, due to its mildly sour taste, is ideal for hot days , recommends Vitalii Ilnitsky.

Adequate hydration helps maintain concentration and well-being. It’s also a good idea to reach for light, healthy snacks that will give you energy without weighing down your body. 

Plan breaks and rests

Regular breaks are essential to regenerate and cool down. Good route planning and rest breaks can significantly improve the comfort of work. It is worth taking breaks in places where you can find shade and cool down. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find them in Europe. 

Apart from the problem with spaces in parking lots, there are no trees and thus no shaded places. Sebastian and I travel in a double crew, often at night, so we sleep during the day. This is very difficult in parking lots, where there is not a single tree… In such cases, aluminum mats come in handy, which, stuck to the glass, reflect the light, points out Weronika Wojdat Bors.

Drivers open the windows as much as possible, but it is not always safe. 

There is a dilemma here. I will get cooked in the cabin or open the window and invite potential thieves. We can hear about cases of letting sedative gas into cabins. These are not common situations, but they do happen, warns Dorota Tabór.

Supporting technologies

Modern technology can make the driver’s job significantly easier in hot weather. Cabin temperature monitoring systems, intelligent air conditioners or even weather-aware route planning apps can be extremely helpful. “I use apps that tell me about the weather conditions on the route. This allows me to be better prepared for possible heat,” says Anna, who has been working in international transport for years.

Hot days can be bearable

The work of a professional driver in the summer season can be challenging, but with proper preparation and the use of proven methods, you can significantly improve the comfort of work. Advice from experienced drivers, such as proper ventilation, the right choice of clothing, regular hydration, planning breaks and the use of modern technology, can make hot days more bearable. Remember that it is crucial to take care of your own health and safety to be able to fully focus on the road and reach your destination safely. Drivers’ shared experiences show that even the hottest days on the road can be smoother and more enjoyable.

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